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Saheel Al-Mortajez

Contracting & General Trading & Energy Services Ltd.


Services Presented by the Company and Work Fields:
The most prominent thing that distinguishes our company’s policy is in direct contact with
acknowledged international companies without mediation or a third party and supplying services and
equipment of high quality that accord with international standards and the reliable Iraqi qualifications
in the sphere of tenders and commitments that are implemented by the company in all Iraqi
governorates of various international companies and acknowledged by the Iraqi government and the
foreign companies and international organizations.
Our company is distinguished by its professional experience in its work field via specialized
engineering and technical staffs and its possession of specialized heavy equipment needed to carry
out various projects in all Iraqi governorates to be able to offer services and activities that can
implemented as is illustrated below:
1- Energy Services
a- The sector of transferring electric power and includes establishing transferring stations, preparing
designs of electric power transferring lines type
132 and 400 kilovolts, supplying materials and
supplements (towers, insulators, cables, and communications lines…) and implementing the
extending of lines, supplying special equipment for implementation to maintain lines, towers and
stations, besides extending ability units
132 K.V and 400 K.V in between stations.
b- Sector of distributing electric power, it includes the establishment of auxiliary stations
33/11 K.V
and supplying materials (units, converters, control systems…) and implementing works that are
related to supplying lines and sources
33 and 11 K.V and connecting units to the stations and
implementing projects for expanding stations and supplying cities with electricity.
c- Sector of producing electric power, it includes establishing and rehabilitating power plants
together with specialized international companies that have the capacity to supply materials and
equipment and implement work in accordance with the reliability standards.
d- Sector of renewable power, it includes designing, supplying and implementing solar energy and
hydroelectric systems and wind power generating with specialized and acknowledged international
e- Sector of oil services, it includes supplying and implementing all import, constructional,
mechanical and complementary works to build refineries and oil and gas fields which include the

1- Supplying and implementing various sizes of oil tanks and their derivatives in the two types.
– Tanks by electric welding arch and those by screws in accordance with the U.S.A
– Ball tanks for gas.
2- Completion of Oil Pipes and Natural Gas (extending, welding and setting locks)
3- Rehabilitating and Implementing All Constructional, Mechanical and Electric Works
for Oil Establishments
2- Engineering, Environmental, and Civil Works:
a- Designing, implementing, and rehabilitating buildings, factories, bridges, and houses
together with vertical and horizontal architecture.
b- Designing, implementing, rehabilitating, and maintaining potable water stations, water nets,
and stations of purifying, sterilizing, and desalinating potable water, well, and spring waters
with various sizes and volumes.
c- Designing, implementing, rehabilitating, and maintaining stations of treating industrial and
heavy water and drainage water as well as pipe nets and rainwater.
d- Assessing and treating environmental pollution and issuing reports of environmental effects.
e- Designing, implementing, and paving roads and streets.
fDigging and lining water canals and irrigation canals and equipping them with controls.
3- Mechanical and Electric Engineering Works:
a- Equipping and installing electric generators with various sizes and capacities.
b- Equipping electric and industrial materials (cables, circuits, converters, illumination poles, electric
installation stuff, etc.)
c- Designing, implementing, and supplying various types of electric cabins and cases.
d- Supplying and installing electric elevators with various sizes and types.
e- Designing, installing, and operating sensitive systems, alert, and fire extinguishing.
designing, installing, operating, and maintaining analog and digital monitoring camera systems
and closed-circuit television systems.
4- Commercial Business:
The company has got an excellent grade in general trading, so it is qualified to conduct all
commercial works of importation and exportation of all commodities, goods, and equipment for the
private and public sectors.