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Saheel Al-Mortajez

Contracting & General Trading & Energy Services Ltd.

Director Message   Mr.Emad Mohammed Hassan Al Hussein   


For more than a decade after the date of 9/4/2003 where the beginning of the activity of Mr. (Emad Mohammed Hassan al-Hussein) a simple and modest beginning through the establishment of the office (lights Hdba) for electrical work and general trade in the province of Nineveh, after a period of perseverance and insistence on expansion And development has contributed to it and a group of friends to establish a company (Future Technologies for Contracting and General Trading) and during working with the company and success with his friends shareholders in the implementation and processing of a number of projects Construction, electrical and commercial works were the nucleus that formed the desire to establish a company (Annan Al-Skeb for contracting and general trade) in 2009 and the company started work in the field of construction and electrical and mechanical work, especially in the implementation of projects for the construction and processing lines transmission and distribution of electric power and the processing and implementation (11, 33 and 132 KV) in all governorates of Iraq, through successful projects and the prospect of expansion and the development in the field of business was the best move to the capital Baghdad and was the establishment of a new company (Saheel Almortajez  for contracting and general trade and energy services) based in the Iraqi capital Baghdad at the end of 2013 to specialize in the field of energy services and for the purpose of covering the entire area of ​​Iraq in the (northern region, The central region, and southern Iraq) have been opened branches in the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and in the province of Nineveh after the liberation of the province of terrorism groups summon and we are looking forward to opening other branches inside and outside Iraq. We are now looking forward to the dawn of a new era for Iraq with those who have made promises to rebuild the country and help it grow and invest as the capital of business in the region and we are proud to be shareholders and we have an important role in contributing to reconstruction. Our dear country Iraq for our faith in a bright tomorrow, God willing.